Chris has written vocal arrangements for artists and groups such as VH1 Save The Music, Ledisi, Lorna Luft, YouTube sensation Natalie Weiss, “Madam Secretary” star Erich Bergen, and international a cappella phenomenons Voca People and The Kinsey Sicks. 

He specializes in tight, rich, inventive arrangements specially tailored for the singers performing the material. He writes for both live performances and recordings. As required, Chris also hires and rehearses singers for performance and/or recording of the arrangements.

Below are a few samples of Chris’ vocal arrangements. If you're interested in talking with Chris about arranging for your project, click "Contact" above!

"One More Try" performed by Ledisi for VH1 Save the Music

"Nobody Love" performed by Natalie Weiss

Sam Smith Mashup performed by Cover Girls Live

Germany Medley performed by Voca People

"Songs of the Summer" performed by FuseJam

"When You're Good To Dubya" performed by The Kinsey Sicks

"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" performed by Chris Dilley

"Everything Possible" performed by Will Stone, Eric Michael Krop and Chris Dilley

Interested in talking with Chris about arranging for your project?