Voice Lessons


Study voice with Chris!

Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps with singing, or a professional looking to improve your technique and expand your repertoire, Chris is thrilled to guide you on the journey of finding your voice.  He creates a safe, comfortable, fun and lively studio space in which students are encouraged to learn, grow, and love singing.

Chris specializes in several musical styles, including Broadway, pop, rock, R&B, jazz, blues and country. Whether you’re looking to prepare for upcoming auditions and performances, or simply sing for fun, you’ve found the right teacher! Absolute beginners are especially encouraged!


Tools you can take with you!

With Chris, you’ll learn:

- A step-by-step breathing warmup to strengthen, expand and connect your breath to best support your singing

- A variety of fun and inventive vocal warm-up exercises to relax, open and expand the voice 

- Applying these methods to song performance 

- Learning new songs and building song repertoire


Who has Chris taught with?

In addition to working with students through his studio, Chris currently teaches Private Voice at NYU through the New Studio on Broadway, part of the Tisch School of the Arts.

Chris has also taught private voice and group vocal workshops with the following organizations:

  • American Musical Theatre Academy
  • Broadway Triple Threat
  • Katie's Art Project
  • Mama Foundation For The Arts
  • Musical Dream
  • SingStrong
  • Starlight Performing Arts
  • Young Actors Theatre Camp

What do students say about working with Chris?

"I have been singing professionally for the past 15 years and my chance encounter with Chris Dilley was a ‘voice changing’ experience. I have been taking classes with Chris for only the past 6 months, and it is simply amazing to what extent his ‘Power Breathing’ technique has given depth to my voice, increased my range, and made singing so much easier and more rewarding! 

Chris is a tremendous teacher - his philosophy of focusing on the moment and how you choose to deliver a song goes way beyond a simple technical approach and has allowed me to use the freedom and power I acquired with his exercises in my interpretation of all material, regardless of the style of the material I'm doing. Furthermore it has given me a whole new outlook on how to work on new material and master the tough or rangy parts of a song in a step by step manner. 

I have to say I only wish I had taken his classes when I started singing! 

I recommend lessons with Chris to anyone who wants to sing professionally and who thinks that there is something that they can't do with their voice. His technique will definitely get you there!"

- Malou

"Lessons with Chris are transformative for the voice, the body, and the soul. The biggest thing I sought when I started working with him was vocal consistency. Now I'm singing notes and styles that other teachers and professionals told me my voice was incapable of doing. I'm able to consistently perform using his technique, and I enjoy it! He tailors lessons to your specific needs and goals after a check-in at the top of each lesson, and throughout he offers invaluable knowledge, authentic encouragement, and impeccable technique in an upbeat professional way. I'm forever thankful for the ways my voice has grown as a result!"

- Colleen

“As a dancer, I was a little apprehensive about opening myself up to becoming a singer. Chris worked with me on the technical basics and helped me grow into my voice. His approach is constructive and sincere. After working with him for almost 2 years, I can assure anyone that his input is invaluable. I love working with him and I know I'm taking steps toward something great.”

- John


“I'm getting incredible voice lessons, which I expected from such a talented, smart and energetic person as Chris. What I was not expecting is the other great stuff I'm learning. Chris is teaching about so much more than how to sing – he’s helping me find my voice and be present. It's incredibly valuable and I'm very grateful.”

- Dan

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